I have spent the past few months working on a problem with tension in ridge design.  

How to approach the densest of my designs, the ridges?  So many of my upcoming designs are based on this structure, yet I have not yet figured out how to fold it without terrible tension issues.  I have tried folding from the outside-in, inside-out, and even added more pre-folding prior to the connections being cut.  But the one move that requires me to bring the four corners of each lily together (or at least close to it) is simply too hard on the whole structure and it pulls apart.   

After hours of pondering the issue, I am starting to think that I need to find a way to add slits or other points that can open the structure up and allow it to move more locally.  To this end, I stopped fixing breaks so I can analyze the points that need the most tension relieved even though there is no pattern yet.

The hardest part of a fold going badly is that it can be hard to sit down and finish it.  I fear that it will fall apart.  So I procrastinate.  Endlessly.  I read, I clean my place, I sit in front of the fold and simply do not touch it.  

Time to finish this fold and move forward.